An Overview of Gay Pattaya-areas, nightlife and Gogo Bar Pattaya 

Pattaya has a large and popular gay community, and provides a lively nightlife, several gay areas and a beach.

The main gay area is located in Central Pattaya, although venues in Jomtien and close to Dongtan Beach are continuing to grow in popularity.

The colorful and renowned BoyzTown and Sunee Plaza in Central Pattaya are dominated by Go-Go bars, gay bars, cabaret shows, nightclubs, restaurants, guesthouses and massage parlours. The venues in BoyzTown in the main feature sensual 'boy shows' which run several times during the evening, which consist of a variety of Thai boys performing on stage various acts such as dancing, underwater performances and stage showers for tourists' entertainment. All the Thai boys are happy to be invited to sit with you for the evening (for a small price), and there is the possibility of taking them away for the night, but this is not at all compulsory and there is no pressure to do so.

Sunee Plaza, next to BoyzTown is a small gay neighborhood consisting of a plaza with gay friendly bars and is a little less touristy than BoyzTown, and is where the expats tend to frequent. There are no Thai gay boys performing, however you will still find those that are also willing to accompany you to your hotel room.


Jomtien is arguably the most pleasant gay friendly area in Pattaya, being less busy and noisy than Central Pattaya; it is also the newest. In Jomtien you will find the popular Dongtan gay beach and many gay-friendly bars. Dongtan Beach attracts locals, expats and tourists all year round and can be quite busy in the afternoons and weekends. Its popularity is helped by being in a very peaceful area as it is closed to traffic during the day, with a tree-lined promenade that its kept very clean, and there are plenty of cafés and restaurants to choose from.

You will find a long strip of open-air gay bars, which offer inexpensive drinks, featuring gorgeous exotic Thai guys sitting outside trying to entice you in for a drink with them; here they are also happy to join you for the evening or even the whole night. Jomtien is a safe and enjoyable place to be, where you can sit and relax in an open-air bar and enjoy the beauty of your tropical surroundings and your chosen company. There are also many gay friendly restaurants, and later in the night street vendors come out so you can sample some authentic Thai cuisine.

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